Since the inception of Reebok CrossFit ONE in 2010, we have proudly helped to develop six CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar Staff Trainers (two flowmaster); successfully assisted in opening six affiliates nationwide; grown our membership from 12 to 550, and expanded the walls of our gym from 7,000 sq. ft to 13,000 sq. ft. We pride ourselves on adhering to CrossFit’s methods and applications. We believe in mastering the fundamentals and committing to the pursuit of excellence. At Reebok CrossFit ONE we truly love what we do. Our purpose for creating this program is to help educate, develop, and reinforce effective coaching and programming.

All coaching levels and abilities welcome.

Programs and Pricing


6-hour Development Day Seminar

USD $249

1-Day Program

USD $750

3-Day Program

USD $1,999


** CDP LLC reserves the right to update pricing at any time. Pricing is applicable at the time course registration is opened. Applicable local taxes are additional.


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Travel & Accommodation

Attendee is responsible for all travel and accommodation.


Reebok (or non-competitor branded) footwear & apparel).

The CrossFit Coach Development Program (CDP) has been designed to provide personal attention for coaches looking to enhance and develop the skills necessary for optimal coaching. Through close evaluation, we will identify weaknesses, enhance strengths, and bring awareness to the finer details of running an effective class and affiliate. Participants will spend time observing and coaching classes, learn how to create effective lesson plans, develop strategies for movement analysis, assess programming templates, and learn the importance of teaching with purpose. We believe the CDP helps expose weaknesses that may be potentially masked by the comforts of ones own environment. We aim to revitalize the importance of chasing excellence, install new expectations for you and your affiliate, and elevate your passion for service to others.


The Coach Development Program offers the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to observe & evaluate classes & other coaches
  • Coach classes (10-30 people) & receive immediate feedback
  • Develop the skill set to receive and execute on feedback
  • Develop the skills necessary to create effective lesson plans & timelines
  • Understand the importance of teaching with purpose, and properly scaling workouts with diverse populations from beginner, to intermediate, advanced and injured.
  • Evaluate and analyze movement in a dynamic class setting.
  • Develop the skill set to manage a large and small group settings. (Including staff management).
  • Learn the importance of taking classes daily, and following your gyms programming.
  • Learn how to train with others, and the importance of demonstrating the program through fitness and training.
  • Assess program design and how to effectively administer the program.
  • Be a part of the RCF1 weekly coaches development session.