Recover as Hard as You Train

At Reebok HQ Fitness, we believe that to achieve your fitness goals you need to recover as hard as you train. In order to keep our members healthy, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of wellness practitioners to do just that. Our current team includes massage therapy and acupuncture. Our wellness practitioners have years of experience working with athletes from all walks of life. Their services are not only for members who experience pain or limitation due to injury, but also to prevent injury.

Our wellness area is located on the first floor, housed within our fitness facility. Wellness practitioners operate out of their treatment room and have access to use all the tools in the fitness facility depending on the specific needs of each client. Visit each discipline’s page to find out more about specific services offered, how to schedule your first appointment, and to know more about the members of our wellness team.


Kristen Lutz

Available Mondays by appointment.


Katie Pedrick
Cell: 857-452-1486