Understanding CrossFit: On-Ramp Explained

A lot of people are afraid to try CrossFit because they believe they are “not ready for it” or they’ve been told they “have to get in shape” before joining. When in fact there’s no better time to start CrossFit than when you’re de-conditioned and/or a little fearful! CrossFit’s methodology and movements are designed to help build a strong base of general physical preparedness (GPP) – aka being ready and able to tackle any obstacle that life places in front of you. It will prepare you physically and mentally for the day-to-day grind that often limits tapping into our unknown potential.

We created the On-Ramp Introduction to provide an overview of the how, what, where, when and why’s of a CrossFit class. During this introduction you will get to know one of our coaches while they accompany you through your first class. Class will be one hour long and consist of an introduction to movement modifications, including guidance for any injury and/or physical limitation and of course, a workout!

You will be exposed to movements, positions and skills needed for physical competence, and if desired, dominance. CrossFit is a universally scalable program, designed for all abilities and fitness levels. And while CrossFit may not be for everyone, it IS for anyone! All you have to do is show up, be open and accepting to change and be ready to have fun during the process!

We very much look forward to meeting you!

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

Interested in trying CrossFit?

Please introduce yourself and we will take care of the rest!