Top: Our customized BMH Challenge notebooks. Bottom: First place finisher, Emilia A.

Congratulations everyone!

        We all deserve a huge pat on our backs – we made it through the 5 week long Be More Human Challenge! Though the goal has always been to create sustainable lifestyle changes that will persist long past the Challenge end date – that doesn’t make this milestone any less noteworth. So, now that we’re all on the other side, let’s take a look back at the goals, motivations, and outcomes of the BMH Challenge…

So, why this challenge for Reebok HQ? Well…

At the core of Reebok’s mission is the pursuit of innovation. We wanted to harness that same desire to improve and grow, and apply it to our own bodies and minds instead of just to our products in the workplace. This is also why we wanted to include a focus on areas beyond just fitness and nutrition. We all already know that a huge component to being healthy is being active and eating well. But what about all of the other factors that contribute to the acquisition of holistic health? Oftentimes we put all of our energy into the gym and the kitchen that every other part of our lives falls by the wayside. In fact, sometimes this focus can be so intense that it winds up hindering our overall well-being rather than helping it. So, in addition to the staples of nutrition, fitness, and hydration, we decided to switch things up a bit and add in some new categories: sleep, meditation & mindfulness, mobility, and random acts of kindness!

We also tailored this to be Reebok-specific by making it especially Human friendly.  By that we mean that we know that no one is perfect – some days are better than others. That’s why each week and each day was a new opportunity to satisfy the requirements of each category. We chose to have your points reset each day to reflect the message of being more human. Mess up one day? Have a cookie? Miss an hour of sleep? No big deal. Tomorrow is always a blank slate to (hopefully) be a little better than yesterday. We should not let our imperfections define us – nor should we run from them! It’s much better to accept them, move on, and try again tomorrow.

Finally, we can’t underscore enough the importance of community – in the Challenge, in the workplace, and in our everyday lives. So much can be gained from forging relationships with those around us. Motivation, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of compassion are just a few benefits gleaned from connecting with others. That’s why we made the standings public for everyone to see, why we encouraged accountability buddies, and why we created so much dialogue around the Challenge throughout the five weeks. So, let’s hear from those in our community who chose to share their BMH Challenge experiences with us…

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Andi A., second place finisher, on which category she connected with most:

Mobility has been my favorite thing about this challenge, after having a lumbar fusion at the beginning of December and just getting back into training/moving a bit more I know I NEED to mobilize!! This challenge has helped me realize how much my body needs it as well as held me accountable

And on how she got her Mindfulness and Meditation points:

I split up my meditation/mindfulness into two segments. I find it most beneficial to start and end my day in a more focused or reflective mindset. Also, I LOVE using The Daily Stoic as well as The Stoic Journal for this time. The Daily Stoic gives me a daily reading and the Journal gives me one question to reflect on and respond to, otherwise I find I read the passage and forget it 10 minutes later, reflecting on it helps it stick.

Craig, first place finisher, on how he was able to stay consistent – even when he wanted snacks or needed a break from the gym!

I meal prep all of my meals and plan them out over the course of the week (lunch and dinner) – any snacks that we keep in the house are generally healthier options (greek yogurt, fruit, etc). Besides this, I generally plan out my day the night before, which has allowed me to build in new time for stretching and meditation during my workout/relaxation period of the day (as well as ensure that I’m setting up meetings with friends in locations that alcohol is less present/active). I’m active in multiple sports leagues, so even on days when I’m tired of the gym, I have another outlet for exercise!

Linday S., third place finisher, on how she saw the Challenge as the beginning of a new lifestyle:

I’m super excited and so proud of myself for actually sticking with it. I’ve seen the physical changes and I’m feeling great! Thanks for the kickstart and I’m so excited to stick with it.

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And there you have it, folks! Another huge congratulations and thank you to all of you who participated in the Challenge! Here’s to all of you! ❤